Baha advances news in the purchase of Málaga CF

The sensations are not good, but he admits that not all the blame should be thrown at the current owner

The news of Malaga is not the best, and although in sports it has received countless criticisms, another similar aspect will have to be insinuated to the leadership, of which Nabil Baha has spoken recently. The former player of the entity has stated that in his contact with the sheikh, he has essential information about what is going to happen.

Visibly annoyed and critical of the current squad, he has not been able to hide that the position is obvious, he is not for sale. What prevents the team from growing and thereby achieving the objectives. Abdullah Al Thani Together with their children they have not advanced, and for the moment they remain firm in their idea of ​​maintaining command of the club.

Malaga signing
Malaga and its uncomfortable managerial news

Contacts to mediate the situation existed, but Baha has declared these events dead when the idea of ​​​​the owners of Málaga was known

The Moroccan is aware that there are many interested in the club. It is not for less, since it covers an important part of the history of football in this area, but it is also true that the sheikh does not want to. Thanks to his good relations with each other, he has been able to pass on those intentions that have been immediately discarded.

Although he admits that it is something that has not been completely closed, he is open to believing that when they decide they will have reasonable and sufficient offers. That’s because the club represents a good amount of interest, and the current owners know that when they put it on the market, they won’t be short of offers.

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Not all the blame can be placed on the sheikh

With the information ready, the former footballer has admitted that although things went very well when he was on the team, he admits that bad decisions were made afterwards. That has led to the present that is lived and that the results are the consequence of bad administrative advice.

But not everything falls on the sheikh, he is simply poorly advised. In addition, regarding his dream of being the coach, he has said that he continues to prepare. He knows that at some point the opportunity will come and that is why he continues to prepare. He right now as second in command in the youth team of his country.

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