Bagnaia’s victory in Rossi’s last dance

They say that something dies in the soul when a friend leaves. Is not that Valentino rossi He is a friend, but he is appreciated as if he were, because for many, including myself, he is the greatest in the history of this sport of which from today he is no longer a part as a pilot, although he is a legend. MotoGP will continue forward, with races as exciting as the one seen in this Valencia GP, but it will be like the NBA without Michael Jordan, with the LeBrons, Curry and company giving a show, but with the biggest already retired. How big will it be The doctor and the emptiness that his march leaves that at this point in the chronicle it has not yet been said that the victory in the last race of the year has been for Bagnaia, who will always have the pride of winning the day of the last dance of World Heritage.

The race was a Ducati festival, with a fantastic triplet for the Borgo Panigale factory led by Bagnaia, the best placed in Italy to inherit the Valentino fans, and seconded by Martín and Miller. They dreamed of the podium in some phases of the two official Suzuki, but Rins ruined his options when he crashed, again, on the eleventh lap when he was running third, when he lost the front wheel in turn 6. Mir, for his part, It went well and he finished second, but he lost steam little by little and finished in fourth place.

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Returning to Rossi, he started tenth on the grid and finished tenth, without going into many wars and without receiving pressure from Morbidelli, that he rolled behind his friend and respected him as a sign of appreciation for as much as he has done for him since he was a child. In addition to the top three, ahead of the nine-time world champion, Mir, Quartararo, Zarco, Binder, Bastianini and Aleix also finished. After the myth, Morbidelli, Dovizioso, Álex Márquez, Oliveira, Lecuona, Maverick, Marini and Petrucci. Rins and Nakagami, who could not wait for Rossi at turn 2 to give each of them a hug before starting, did not end due to a crash. an emotional lap of honor, which ended with a human corridor in the pit lane until he reached the box with everyone cheering him on. Che Spettacolo !!!

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