Bagnaia: “Márquez will try to create starting distance”

Third consecutive pole and fourth of the season for Francesco Bagnaia, who arrived at the GP of the Americas 48 points behind Fabio Quartararo, who will start right next to him.

-We thought the fastest Ducati was Miller’s …

-It has cost me a bit. This morning I was in trouble. We decided to stop trying to make the bike behave better on the bumps and go back to the Misano set-up. And from there I started to improve. I had the same feelings again and that allowed me to be strong in FP4 and Q2. It will be more difficult this time because I have seen the rhythms of Fabio, Marc and Jack and they have better rhythm than me. I’m sure Marc will try to create starting distance but the key will be to be consistent and not make mistakes with the potholes.

-Do potholes change the focus of how to overtake?

-Normally the race pace is slower than in Q2 and there we risk more. But with these types of potholes, the bike responds differently with each lap. Where there are potholes it is impossible to overtake, but we have to compete like this. The pace will be a bit slower, so we will have to be smarter in the race.

-What did they talk about in the Security Commission about the track?

-We were talking, but we only decided to ask him to resurface from Turn 2 to 11 and if he does not do it, it will be better not to return because it is very risky.

– Would you say that this is the most unexpected and important pole?

-It was unexpected this morning, but after FP4 I saw that it was possible because my feelings with the bike improved a lot. It is always important to start from pole, although the goal is always to start from pole. We started next to Fabio and I will try to make the best possible start. The most difficult will be the first corner and the first sector.

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-Is it the best position to cut points from Fabio?

-I feel happy, but I don’t think it makes that much difference either. We are here to try to keep the championship open and the best position to do that is to start from pole, but that doesn’t change the movie that much for tomorrow.

-Valentino has said that he hasn’t seen anyone drive the Ducati like this for a long time. What do you do to pilot it like this?

-When I started with the Ducati I always saw that my feelings were not the best. My riding style did not suit this bike because in Moto2 it had a great cornering pace and you can’t make the braking as fast as the rear end is skidding a lot. In the first tests I was fast because I was doing time attack, but then I discovered that the leading drivers don’t do this and work more with used tires. Until this year I lacked good feelings in these circumstances. Last year I think I did a couple of good races, but this year I have changed my mentality about the bike, I feel like I know this bike very well and I adapt to braking because I can stop the bike. And I have also adapted the configuration of the Ducati to my style and I can drive with more cornering, the team has made a good configuration to be able to have more cornering.

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