Baggy shoots into the lead

Daniel Holgado’s perfect race to finish off his second World Cup victory and leave Le Mans more leader in Moto3, now with a 21-point advantage over Ortolá and Masiá, who are tied for second place, with Moreira fourth, already 29 points behind after the painful fall he suffered on lap eleven, when he was in the leading group.

The man from Alicante started third and, except for a couple of moments when Sasaki overtook him, he carried all the weight of the race, closing the door perfectly on the Japanese in the last lap to cross the finish line first with a 0.150 advantage. Holgado almost had more problems completing the lap of honor than the race, because in an excess of euphoria his suit’s airbag went off and he had to do a few meters of the most swollen French track.

At this rate, the Red Bull KTM Tech3 rider is going to become a specialist in strange events after winning races, because in Portimao, where he debuted his World Cup victories, he received the impact of Kelso from behind when he was in full celebration. Both that and today remained an anecdote and he was able to stand on the lap of honor next to the orange grandstand of the KTM fans, to celebrate with them and give each other their gloves.

Holgado led another great Spanish performance, because three of our team finished in the top four. The party was completed by Masiá and Ortolá, who had an interesting duel for the third step of the podium until the checkered flag. went up to drawer Masiá, who despite having a scare at the beginning of the last lap knew how to close the door at all times on Ortolá, who had just won the two previous races and was an uncomfortable rival for anyone.

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Going back to Holgado, note that it opens the 1,000th GP in the history of motorcycles and that it gives Spain its 100th victory in Moto3. Regarding the rest of our team, seventh Artigas and David Alonso’s run. The Colombian from Madrid and based in Guadalajara went up from twenty-fifth on the grid to eighth, and all this while being a rookie. Another rookie, Rueda, finished ninth. Further back, Salvador 14th and Carrasco 20th.

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