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BAFD: training and cost of the certificate of aptitude for the functions of director

BAFD: training and cost of the certificate of aptitude for the functions of director

What is the certificate of aptitude for the functions of director (BAFD)?

Acronym for the certificate of aptitude for the functions of director, the BAFD is a diploma which makes it possible to acquire and validate the skills dedicated to the supervision of minors. This type of mission is done in specific circumstances. The work must be carried out on a non-professional and occasional basis.

This is a collective reception that occurs in holiday or leisure centres, for example. It trains, in particular, in the management of animation teams and the development of an educational project. Among the specific functions of the BAFD, we can also mention:

  • care for minors with disabilities or with certain medical pathologies;
  • coordination and direction of staff members;
  • reception supervision;
  • the creation and maintenance of partnerships, particularly in communication actions, etc.

Registration with the BAFD is done with the ministry in charge of youth. After choosing your region of residence, the formalities are done online.

How to get a BAFD?

In order to obtain the BAFD, it is necessary to follow the theoretical and practical parts of the training. They are then divided into 4 main stages:

  • Step 1 (9 to 10 days): general basic notions on management functions in collective reception of minors.
  • Step 2 (14 days): an internship in real working conditions as deputy director or director.
  • Step 3 (6 days): a period of theoretical improvement upon returning from the course.
  • Step 4 (14 days): a second internship as director to perfect your skills and finalize your training.

It is necessary to validate each of them by the session director. To obtain the BAFD, the results are examined by a jury before granting or refusing the diploma. This is the DRAJES (regional academic delegation for youth, commitment and sports). In case of failure, the candidate has one year to validate the missing steps. If this deadline is exceeded, then the entire course must be taken again.

What is the level of the AfDB?

To be able to follow the BAFD training, it is necessary to be at least 18 years old at the beginning of the session. Each candidate must also justify obtaining the BAFA (certificate of aptitude for the functions of facilitator). Failing that, a facilitator certificate, title or diploma is recognized. Without the presentation of the BAFA, it is however necessary to justify an experience on a post of animation. This is subject to specific conditions: two separate contracts, including one in a collective reception center for minors, a total working time of at least 28 days during the two years preceding registration with the BAFD.

What is the cost ?

The BAFD is a paid training whose cost varies from one organization to another. Before committing, it is then advisable to find out about the prices charged. Depending on your location, there are also scholarships and social grants to fund part or all of the BAFD. You can request information from the following organisations:

  • Employment center;
  • the DRAJES;
  • the CAF or family allowance fund;
  • the regional council and departmental services;
  • municipal services;
  • etc

Obtaining assistance may depend on resources, the geographical area, the profile of the candidate, not to mention the cost proposed by the training organization.

AfDB Validity

From its date of issue, the BAFD is valid for 5 years. At the end of this period, it is necessary to undertake the formalities to renew it. The candidate must then meet several conditions. Among these, he must have held the position of director or deputy director of a collective reception center for minors for at least 28 days. He served as a facilitator at the BAFD for 6 days and validated a new training session for the certificate of aptitude for the functions of director.


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