Badalona Futur wins the Federation Cup again

Badalona Futur has done it again. The club, which won the Federation Cup in 2020 when it was still called Llagostera, expands its showcase to include the title achieved in 2023. Ferran Costa’s side based their performance on a great first half where they could have won the final but ended up struggling in a hot game against Talavera de la Reina (1-2). That of Pedro Díaz, with a goal of Kanake After the break they shook off the income they had earned Jaume Pascual and Peque Poloalthough the future tense showed its strength and held the result.

Federation Cup






Álex, Loukou, Anglada (D.Ramos, 72′), Morante, Josema (Connor, 61′); Julen, Rementería, Tass (Dago, 46′); Abeledo, Szyma and Edu (Pipo, 61′).

Badalona future

Badalona future: Ortega, Espínolo, Pedraza, Genar, Aleix Roig (Xiker, 84′); Barrero, Sergio Cortés, Segura, Jaume Pascual (M.Vargas, 86′), Peque Polo (Édgar, 91′) and Valverde (Isaiah, 86′).


0-1 M.7Jaume Pascual; 0-2 M.43 Small Polo; 1-2 M.47 Dago.


Referee: García Arriola.TA Tass, Rementeria, Dani Ramos, Szyma / Jaume Pascual, Pedraza, S.Cortés and Segura.TR: To local hero Dago (97′).


The Prado de Talavera de la Reina in front of 2,362 spectators.

Ferran Costa already warned about this in the preview. “We are a team forged in adversity. “We earned the right to play this game.” They deserved it and soon showed why against the Group 5 leaders of the Second Federation. With a very good starting XI, this was a serious warning that they would not die on the shore after overcoming an authentic ‘champions calendar’at their first clear arrival they did not forgive it.

Jaume Pascual He recovered a ball in the opponent’s area after a lateral foul when all of Talavera had already come out of cover and his shot landed in the net. Not without luck, because First the ball hit Josema, then the crossbar and then the net. It was only minute 7, but two minutes later Victor Valverde scored for a 0-2 lead with a great personal move that ended with a shot against the post.

Ignacio Abeledo tried to impose criteria on Talavera, but the truth is that the duel was decided by the Catalan team with solvency in the first act. Once again Valverde was looking for a goal around the half-hour mark, which Álex Fernández denied him with a good intervention from deep. The Ceramics goalkeeper kept his team alive, even though he could have done more when the score was 0-2. Álvaro Espínola leaked a ball that Peque Polo turned into another with a shot that Álex touched without being able to stop it.

Even though it was the 43rd minute, Futur had two clear chances to end the final. First Valverde, who was condemned for lack of control and not being kind to the local goalkeeper. Then, in addition, Peque Polo scored the brace in a strategic move, but with everything in his favor, he finished the game wide.

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From judgment to suffering

Ferran Costa’s team could have paid dearly in the second half. Pedro Díaz introduced Dago for Tass and it took the Franco-Ivorian striker two minutes to load up ammunition and fire into the net. In a corner that the defense could not clear, he penetrated with all his might into the center of the penalty area to reduce the distance and revive El Prado, which hosted more than 2,000 spectators..

It was their moment, in their stadium, and Talavera began to pull the cart. ANDDago himself had to deal with a header in the 49th minute, which he miscalculated and went wide.. He created it with magic Alexander Szymanowskithe experienced former Leganés captain who, at 35, still has many carats in his left leg.

Talavera’s dominance almost led to victory in the 82nd minute Pipo, another substitute for the Ceramics team, marked a personal move on the left wing with a shot that José Ortega deflected into a corner. Despite the local harassment, Badalona Futur held its own and in a game that gradually got dirtier, Dago was eventually sent off for hitting Espínola after also stepping on Jaime Barrero without the ball.

Another Federation Cup for a company, by the way He also picked up €92,000 in prize money, which never goes wrong, and secured a ticket to the first round of the Copa del Rey next season..

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