Bada Huesca defeats Ademar León in the best match

Bada Huesca defeated Ademar León in the best game of the season (33-27) in a match with two good teams that fought for victory and in which Bada Huesca had more courage and more faith in the victory.

The game started with a strong rhythm and especially with a lot of speed in both teams, which resulted in the score, scoring both teams goals very easily, by moving the ball quickly and precisely, almost without giving the defenders time to close the gaps, nor the speed of their opponents.

Ademar León had to ask for time in minute 7 with the score (6-4) to see how the Huescas were playing better, surprising their rival, and above all better interpreting the game, and also to break the rhythm of Bada Huesca. Things did not change much after the time requested by Manolo Cadenas since the advantage was still held by the local team (11-8), after the half of the first half, with Bada Huesca very involved in the game and Ademar León playing in bursts.

The advantages on the scoreboard were always on the Huesca side between two and four goals (17-13) in the absence of three minutes before the break, the email reflecting what happened on the court with the best minutes of the season for Bada Huesca, even missing some players in the local team.

ANDn the resumption the game was already more tactical and with less rhythm, Given the wear and tear of the players in the first half and the goals, Ademar León increased the intensity in defense and thanks also to the good saves from Panagiotis who saved his team on many occasions. The game entered an important phase with Ademar León looking for the equalizer and Bada Huesca who threw a lot of courage and did not let himself go back (24-20), in the 44th minute, also with good interventions by Dani Arguillas in the local goal, Manolo Cadenas requesting another time so that the game would not go away.

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The last seven minutes was back and forth with the two teams hasty in their actions and looking to score without thinking both in the plays and in closing spaces, being an open match, although Bada Huesca, who never stopped having between three and five goals ahead, knew how to retain them until the end of the match.

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