‘Bad time starts then continues’ severe criticism of Indian Airline on social media

'Bad time starts then continues' severe criticism of Indian Airline on social media

New Delhi: Social media users have taken Indian Airline by storm, with the national airline being heavily criticized by users.

According to details, a drunken man urinated on an elderly woman on an Air India flight from New York to Delhi in November last year, and just a few days ago a woman journalist tweeted that she was served dinner. The pebble has come out.

Since the cases came to light, there has been a lot of criticism on social media, and the airline has also been mocked, with one user writing, “The bad times start and keep going.”

“First they should change the name of the airline from Air India to Airstone,” wrote another Twitter user.

Another user described his incident with photos that on a flight from New York to Delhi, he noticed that the window glass was dirty, the tray in which the food was served was broken, and the food was stale. This user wrote: Please improve your quality, you guys are expensive compared to other premium airlines.

A user wrote that there is a fierce competition between Air India and Indian Railway officials over the quality of food.

Another user wrote, “Tata companies set the standards for the aviation industry, making Air India a globally respected brand but when the government took over and now that you Having taken over its management as owners again, so touching new lows, is there no corporate oversight? What would you say about recent events?

Another user wrote that Air India had to compete with the best competitor in the airline industry, but it seems that it is competing with Indian Railways.