Bad news regarding the expansion of Kuwaiti residences

Kuwait: Kuwaiti authorities have stopped extending the residency of 60-year-old foreigners.

According to the details, the General Administration of Housing Affairs in the Ministry of Home Affairs has stopped the extension of accommodation for non-graduate immigrants aged 60 years and above.

Prior to the new order, the migrants in this category were allowed to pay an annual fee of 250 dinars for renewal of their work and residence permits (residence permits) and health insurance issued by a private company at a cost of 503,500 dinars. Was gone

During the last year, immigrants aged 60 years and above were given several extensions on expiry of their stay. It should be noted that the extension is for 30 to 90 days and more. , So that they can be saved from fines for residence violations, which cost two dinars for each day of violation.

According to Kuwaiti officials, people in this category now have only two options, either renew their work permits according to the new requirements or, if the son meets the conditions, relocate to a family residence, as guardianship is provided by the son.

According to figures released by the Labor Market System, approximately 9,000 non-graduate immigrants aged 60 and over have left the labor market between March and September 2021, compared to the private sector at the end of September last year. The number of migrants in this category was 62,948, up from 72,060 in the first quarter of this year.

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