Bad news for users. Apple shortens the trial period for its Music service

Since 2015, users can enjoy a free trial of the Apple Music service for three months.

But now the news could not be more disheartening. Tim Cook’s company reduced the free period of the service to just one month.

Apple Music is now free for just one month

apple music

Since its launch year in 2015, new Apple Music subscribers can enjoy three full months of the service for free, before signing up for a monthly payment.

But it seems that Apple is changing the benefits for new subscribers to its music service and has now reduced the service’s free trial period to just one month. In countries such as Portugal, the United States of America, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, among others, the new benefits policy is already in force and, therefore, if you want to try this streaming service, you can only do it for free . . for 30 days.

But not all the news is discouraging. On the other hand, Apple maintained the prices in the plans associated with the service. In this sense, in Portugal there are three options available: Student plan with a cost of 3.49 euros per month, individual plan of 6.99 euros per month and, finally, the family plan that costs 10.99 euros per month.

There’s a way to get Apple Music free for six months

apple music
By buying an audio device compatible with Apple Music, the benefits are better

But it is important to note that all interested users have a way to benefit from the service, free of charge, for six consecutive months. To do this, you must purchase an audio device compatible with the service.

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Next, make sure the iPhone or iPad is properly updated with the latest version of the iOS or iPadOS operating systems. Then, the user only has to pair the audio device with the Apple smartphone or tablet to benefit from the service, for six months, without paying.

Apple does not explain the change in the free trial period

apple music
Apple Music streaming service has more than 90 million songs

Until now, Apple has not commented on the matter in question and, therefore, the reason for the reduction of the free trial period is unknown. However, at the origin of the decision may be the royalty rights that the company must now pay.

Let us remember that, in an initial period, the Cupertino company did not pay royalties, but after an open letter from the artist Taylor Swift in which she criticized the company’s non-payment policy, the situation changed.

In this way, reducing the free trial period may be a way for Apple to better manage the income and expenses of that service.

Currently, the Apple Music streaming service has more than 90 million songs and allows users to download their favorite tracks and then listen to them offline on all their devices.

It also allows users to access song lyrics in real time, as well as access playlists created by experts, among many other features. Furthermore, one of the main arguments of this streaming service is Lossless Audio, which in practice is a music compression format that reduces the size of the original file, but maintains the quality of the data.

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