Bad news for London Railway passengers

London: The biggest railway strike in 30 years has started in the British capital.

According to the details, a series of rail and tube strikes have started in London from Tuesday, which could paralyze both the networks.

Railway workers have announced a strike from today on non-increase in salaries and dismissals. The strikes will take place today, Thursday, June 23 and Saturday, June 25, and more than 40,000 workers of 13 trains will take part in the strike.

During the strike days, only four and a half thousand services will be available instead of the usual 20,000. According to the British media, millions of people will face difficulties in traveling for six days.

The closure of trains could also cause traffic jams on the roads, while talks are underway between the union and railway officials to end the strike.

McLinch, general secretary of the Union RMT, said thousands of jobs were being lost in rail networks and workers were being paid less than inflation. He said the reason for these problems was that the Tory government had decided to cut 4 4 billion from Transport Systems, 2 2 billion from National Rail and ارب 2 billion from Transport for London.

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