Bad news for CSK ahead of IPL 2023 final, there may be defeat in final match

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Chennai super kings

IPL 2023 Qualifier 1 match was played between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans at Chepauk, Chennai. In this match, CSK defeated Gujarat Titans by 15 runs. With CSK’s victory, his team qualified for the playoffs for the tenth time. While the GT team will now play the Qualifier 2 match. CSK may have once again qualified for the final, but it looks like there is bad news for their team. Which can hardly be ignored.

Something is wrong with the equipment!

This news that Chennai Super Kings team brings may hurt them even in the final match. In fact, after the match against GT, Chennai’s star player Ravindra Jadeja and the CEO of CSK were seen talking among themselves for a long time. Nothing can be said about what happened between the two, but by giving the body language of both, it seemed that both of them were talking about some serious topic. The matter did not end here, after the game was over, Jadeja published an image of him on social networks in which he made it clear that she was not happy with the behavior of some fans.

Ravindra Jadeja received the Upstox Most Valuable Player award after the win against GT. Jadeja posted the photo of him receiving the award and wrote in the caption that even Upstox is known, but some fans don’t. Jadeja probably means by this caption that some fans don’t understand that he is CSK’s most valuable player.

Why Jadeja may be angry with the fans

Whichever ground the Chennai Super Kings team played on this year, fans turned out in large numbers to support Dhoni and his team. The fans were painting the entire stadium yellow because of Dhoni. Everybody wanted to see Dhoni hit once, but Dhoni came to hit very late. If Jadeja’s batting came before Dhoni, the fans would start chanting Dhoni-Dhoni slogans on the ground. This could be one of the reasons why Jadeja is angry with the CSK fans. If this continues, Ravindra Jadeja’s performance in the final match may be affected, so CSK will suffer in the final. In such a situation, the team management would like to fix this issue as soon as possible.

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