Back to school: Five tips for safe shopping

The last part of summer is already here. And with that comes the return to school. Students are returning to everyday life and will return to their classes from September 6, although the start date varies by Autonomous Community. It’s time to buy books, school supplies and uniforms. Therefore, PaynoPaina Spanish technology company specializing in the development of online payment tools confirms that these days it is advisable to be very careful about how and where you shop.

With the advent of new technologies, scammers have modernized themselves and opened up new opportunities for action in the online world. Additionally, with the use of virtual currency exchange and custody platforms abroad and the ability to conduct transactions anonymously, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of scams.

For this reason, PaynoPain would like to give five tips that every family should consider when shopping online in order to avoid anxiety when returning to everyday life:

  • Use secure payment methods: When buying products or services over the Internet, it is important to choose secure payment methods. Before making a purchase, you should check that the store has a secure payment gateway that complies with the European Payment Services Directive. These systems must verify the user’s identity using at least two methods. In this area Paylands It is one of the platforms that allow easy, fast and secure processes from any device.
  • Visit trusted websites: It is important to ensure that you are visiting a safe and trustworthy website. You must have a security certificate. And the verification is very simple. It suffices to note whether the URL contains an “s” extra, indicating that the connection is encrypted and personal data is protected.
  • Avoid public WiFi networks: PaynoPain recommends not making financial transactions or making online purchases while connected to a public WiFi network. These are much more vulnerable, which is why the security is conspicuous by their absence. Therefore, it is advisable to connect to secure networks or otherwise opt for mobile data.
  • update devices: These must have updated software, including anti-virus and anti-malware software. These tools can help protect personal and financial information when shopping online.
  • Check bank accounts: Once an online purchase has been made, the next step is to take a look at the bank’s notifications to spot suspicious activity. If you discover an unauthorized charge or a suspicious situation, it is imperative to contact the entity immediately to rectify the problem.

With the return to school, it’s time to refresh the school supplies, get the books and look for new uniform sizes. At the moment everyone is looking for convenience, but we must not forget that purchase security must be a cornerstone on which we must build a satisfying shopping experience. To avoid fear, at PaynoPain we want to raise awareness of the need to buy products safely on reliable websites that offer payment methods at the level of a customer who is increasingly demanding more benefits when buying from home‘ he claims Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

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