Baby kangaroo rescued from crocodile-infested waters in Australia

Torrential rains have led to record flooding in Queensland, Australia in recent days. In order to alert the population to the presence of crocodiles in the flood waters, the local police published on Twitter the video of an unusual rescue: that of a baby kangaroo, recovered near the town of Burketown, in the ‘Albert River.

The young marsupial was spotted from a helicopter and then rescued using a canoe. The kangaroo was saved from drowning by an officer before being released on dry land.

Residents evacuated

In a statement released on Monday And relayed by CNN, the police advise residents still present to avoid travel “due to invisible dangers and recent sightings of crocodiles”. Burketown waters have reached record highs, beating the latest data from 2011.

Last week, residents were evacuated by helicopter. Some stayed put despite the danger. According The Guardianhalf of the houses were destroyed by the waters and the victims could wait another two weeks before being able to return to their homes.

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