Baba Miller will continue at Florida State to face the NBA with guarantees

The Spanish forward Baba Miller He will appear in the 2023/24 season in a position to enter, when it ends, the NBA Draft in one of the first round positions. And he will do it by repeating the team. Having decided on the Florida State Seminoles over another great training entity, Gonzaga, he is consistent with this choice and will continue at the university located in the town of Tallahassee.

ESPNto which Baba himself has confirmed the news, places him among the candidates to reach the first round of draft in next year’s selection.

the player of Palma de Mallorca he will be able to develop all his improvements and show himself in a full season after the penalty he had to endure in his initial season in the NCAA. The League supervisors caught Miller accepting payments from the United States, specifically in Texas, to have private training sessions when he was still in the Real Madrid youth system, something prohibited for players who are going to compete in the university tournament, and it ended being sanctioned for 16 games, a good stretch of the regular phase of 2022/23, despite the fact that the parents – who were unaware of the rule or so expressed it – returned the money received. On January 7, he received the green light to debut and did so with four points and four rebounds in the quarter hour of a loss against Wake Forest.

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The Balearic talent, who recently turned 19, has not submitted to the 2023 Draft as he sees more options for the next one. A season in good numbers would make him resist or even rise in the predictions. In 15 games he has averaged 4.3 points and 3.7 rebounds, with an improvable 25% on three-pointers and a stable 69% on two-pointers, in 17.3 minutes participating. The Seminoles have finished 7-13 in the ACC this season. Papa Ababacar Bartolomé Miller, 210 centimeters and 92 kilos, grew up in Bahía San Agustín and the Olympic District before jumping to the Real Madrid youth academy, where he won the Euroleague youth tournament in 2021 and from which he left to Start your American adventure. The NBA awaits another Spaniard and in 2024 it could have him in the positions that honor the best youngsters, thus joining the Aldama, Garuba (and what may come soon with others: Aday Mara or Izan Almansa)… Miller will be seen this coming summer, before engaging in the NCAA preseason, in the men’s World Cup in the sub-19 category to be held in Debrecen (Hungary) from June 24 to July 2.

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