Azua banana trees demand attention

The lack of a pumping system, credits at low interest rates, and the poor conditions of inter-parcel roads are part of the challenges presented by banana producers in Azua.

“Most of us irrigate due to flooding, which is a very high cost. Producing a banana tree entails many sacrificesfrom the preparation of the soil, which is often difficult for us because we do not have good machinery,” said Alexis Marte, vice president of the Azua banana producers’ cooperative (Cooproplazua).

Also, Santiago Echavarría, president of the Dominican Association of Banana Producers (Adoplatano) Azua, said that Banana cultivation is the one that most mobilizes the economy in Azua and the one that gives the producer the most stability.

Add that there is other more profitable productsbut with much more risk. “Us we need advice and technical help to be more productive, but we cannot do that alone, we need the authorities to intervene because the technology is very expensive. We can produce more on the same land, but with technology,” said Echavarría.

By participating in the program Agricultural JournalEchavarría pointed out that a solution must be found for the intermediation chain because the intermediary takes all the benefits, the producer and consumers being more harmed.

He explained that In Azua there are 180,000 tasks planted with plantains, which involves 10,000 producers.

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