Azpilicueta leaves Chelsea lying down to listen to Athletic

The Basques manage to take advantage of the player’s contractual situation, which is still not relevant this season with the blues

Chelsea has a very complicated continuity of César Azpilicueta for the following season, and all thanks to the fact that the right winger has openly said that his wish is not to continue wearing blue to join the Athletic Bilbao. As complex as that may seem, that has been the semblance, and more so now that he has stated that he is certain of his decisions.

He is not being taken into account as before, and that is why it seems that he has put his position on track. He also wants to close his career with the Basque club, one of those that offer him continuity andstar at the highest level plus a huge salary. However, the only condition is that you get rid of the current contract and sign for free from the following summer.

Azpilicueta free
Everything ready for the return of the Navarrese defender to Spanish football

For now, Athletic de Bilbao analyzes the options with Azpilicueta, taking into account its obligations in the rest of the subjects

Although it is true that many of these resolutions will come out of what is going to be the plenary session for the election of its president, Athletic de Bilbao has this situation quite on track. They seek how it could not be otherwise to establish limits but at the same time get closer to what they believe is a top player for the good of their objectives.

Azpi can play both in the center line and outside, his natural habitat. To that he incorporates experience, a lot of quality in dealing with the ball and good decision-making. Very correct when it comes to defending, and a guarantee pledge when you have to go out to find the games.

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The next course will be complex to compete and therefore your decision

Right now there is a lot of competition in the area, which makes the Navarrese understand that he will not have continuity and shows him the way in that sense. At the same time, his representative has been combing the offers and he finds that the one from the San Mamés club is the best of all.

The return to your home is important and I said it before, it is time to set a precedent. He has in mind the next World Cup in Qatar with the team led by Luis Enrique; And he has enough arguments to think about it since in those areas he usually prioritizes security.

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