Home Sports Azpilicueta brings a defending Atlético champion to the streets

Azpilicueta brings a defending Atlético champion to the streets

The Navarrese defender won the Metropolitano on the strength of his good play and that would leave a player in the squad in suspense

César Azpilicueta played a top match with the Atlético Madrid in the win over Granada CF. The 33-year-old veteran was one of the best against the Nasrids and his good form has not gone unnoticed. The fans left feeling good about the game they played.

Let’s remember Azpilicueta joined Atlético de Madrid after an extensive tour of the Premier League, where he played for Chelsea for 11 seasons. Now he has returned to Spain to find success and is part of Diego Pablo Simeone’s ambitious project that has started well.

Azpilicueta continues to surprise at Atlético de Madrid
Azpilicueta continues to surprise at Atlético de Madrid

César Azpilicueta has enchanted the entire Atlético de Madrid and all his virtues come out in the first game

That way, considering his performance, one of the mattress club holders would be in limbo. And it is that Cholo would be happy with whatever the Navarrese have contributed, which is why he is proving to be one of the great candidates to start the rest of the course. Although anything can happen, it seems immovable.

In this order of ideas, The player who could be affected by Azpilicueta’s level at Atlético is none other than Nahuel Molina. The Argentine will find it difficult to anticipate the opposition and his minutes could be at risk. Besides, the fans are completely satisfied with what the former Chelsea player has shown.

Nahuel Molina could lose his place on the Cholo team because of Azpi

For many Metropolitan club supporters, the defender brought in from the Premier can be a big contribution. Not only does he limit himself to his defensive duties, but he also proves to be a great leader who spares no effort with every ball. They also appreciate his quality and the solvency with which he takes on duels.

Finally, we’ll have to wait and see what may happen further down the line Sporty with Azpilicueta. At the moment, the footballer is raising great expectations for what he has achieved in that first game. Of course, the role he has taken is very popular with both the club and the fans, which would make Molina more likely to be relegated.

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