Azharuddin lashed out at the Indian women’s cricket team, saying: “Batting nonsense, no common sense”

Azharuddin lashed out at the Indian women's cricket team, saying:

In 2022, the Indian women’s cricket team had to face defeat in the final. The India team lost this match by 9 runs and missed out on the gold medal. However, it took the silver medal on his behalf. Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin has expressed his discontent over the batting of the Indian team. He has called the batting of the India team rubbish when tweeting.

Azharuddin has reacted to Team India’s loss. He wrote on Twitter: “The Indian team’s batting was rubbish. No common sense. It has been given paving the way for the victory of the opposing team.

Pursuing the goal given by Australia, the Indian team got off to a bad start. India lost the first wicket with a score of just 16 runs. While the second wicket fell on the score of 22 runs. But after that there was a good partnership for the third wicket. But then the India team scattered like a deck of cards. Harmanpreet Kaur played the captaincy innings in this match. He scored 65 runs.


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