– What balance do you make of the season?

– Very positive, they have talked about us, we have completed an interesting calendar and we have been seen in all the races. We have grown and we must continue to do so in the coming years.

– Two victories, that of Soto in Murcia and that of Lobato in Alentejo.

– Yes, but we have raced all the UCI World Tours near us and we have stood up all year. We have traveled all over Europe, even competing in Turkey.

– And the South American calendar?

– That started a little more complicated. San Juan could not be run. Let’s see if next year we can go there and to Colombia. It is something that must be discussed with Jesús Ezkurdia, who is also responsible for those decisions.

– It has given the alternative to two young values ​​such as Etxeberria and Iribar. Very happy with the subsidiary, right?

– The truth is that they have finished the season in a spectacular way, with several victories. We knew that we had young values ​​at Laboral Kutxa and we are convinced that both Etxeberria and Iribar have the level to make the leap to professionals.

– Is the template already closed?

– There may be some news but, broadly speaking, we are left with the backbone of last year and the reinforcements of the second team. There may still be some incorporation but I think we have made a pretty nice team and that we are going to enjoy.

– When will you concentrate the runners?

– Well, now that they rest and in three weeks, they start training. At the end of December or the beginning of January we will do some concentration by the Mediterranean and we will see how they are.

– When will they start?

– In the Mallorca Challenge we will be sure and then we will see if, for example, San Juan can be run in Argentina or not. They are beautiful races that also excite runners.

– And the Vuelta again in the spotlight.

– I think we have shown level and it was a shame that Mikel Bizkarra did not get the victory in a stage in which he was close but we were seen in almost all the breaks. That has to be the style of this team.

– What does a Sports Director do while on vacation?

– To rest and disconnect a bit if you can. Now you caught me picking mushrooms in the bush. We live in a privileged place and we have to be grateful for it.

– Total disconnection?

– No, you are always aware of a lot of things but, well, more relaxed yes.


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