Ayoze: “Manuel Pellegrini was the trigger to come to Betis”

Ayoze Pérez was presented as a Betis player, with whom he signs until the end of the season from Leicester. The Canarian striker defined himself and praised the Verdiblanco club: “I have already seen how well known Betis is throughout the world, there are some very beautiful months left and I hope we can celebrate many successes. I started at Tenerife as a striker, and The number 9 is the natural position but it is something very in my favor to have versatility to play as a midfielder Or in band too. On a physical level I’m fine and this week will be great for me”.

Pellegrini. “Betis was always my priority. I had great contact with Manuel (Pellegrini). Having that support and affection from the coach is very important at this point in my career, I needed it. That prevailed above all, it was the trigger for him to come. We have a high-quality group and I think I can contribute a lot”.

Interest of Villarreal. “Those were very tense hours, at times I saw it as complicated but in the end we looked for any way to get here. We managed to reach an agreement. There was contact with Villarreal, I was also interested but I made it known what my priority was and thank God it was done that way”.

Goal with Betis. “The main objective is to go to Almería and get the three points after losing against Celta. We cannot make the mistake of entering the state of anxiety of thinking about the end”.

Premier League. “They have been there for many years, now we have to adapt to the speed and the Spanish style of play. I hope it doesn’t require a lot of adaptation time, I’m looking forward to training with my teammates and that will help. It’s a matter of time”.

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Her future. “I came until the end of the season, I don’t think about what might happen later. I know what is expected of me, I am aware that I have to do things well and contribute in all possible aspects to the team. From here to the end there will be time to think”.

Rubén Castro, the last Canarian striker before him. “This is not the first time Rubén has been mentioned to me, he had an incredible career at Betis and continues to score goals. I would love for me to do as well as he did. He set the bar very high but I focus on what I can contribute. I’m not conformist. As a striker my job is to score goals, hopefully he can help the team with many”.

Borja Iglesias and Willian Jose. “They have integrated me very well since I arrived and I always see the competition as something positive. That brings out the best level of each one. It is in the interest of the whole team and that helps”.

Action by Aspas and Luiz Felipe: “It’s a bit strange, in the end there isn’t any kind of contact, that’s why Luiz’s despair, because he was aware that he hadn’t touched him. I consider it unfair that he was expelled in that way. There shouldn’t be a penalty, I hope we can count on Luiz on Saturday. At all angles you can see that there is no contact.”

Match against Celtic. “It was a bit strange, they were effective and they scored four goals against us. We had chances and we could have been a little better in front of the goal. It was my debut in the First Division and I would have liked to interact more with the ball, but the game was at a bit of a strange point”.

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