The gaming arm of industrial electronics company Axiomtek has released a mini-itx board with a Ryzen Embedded V1000 or R1000 processor. the GMB140 It is designed for use in, for example, arcade game devices and slot machines. it has a processing power of up to 3.6 teraflops and has Vega graphics that can handle four 4K displays. Various security features are built in, including Trusted Boot, TPM 2.0, and encryption with RSA-2048 or AES256.

The board has two compact DDR4 slots that can handle SO-DIMMs with a total capacity of 32 gigabytes. Expansion options include a PCIe slot that can handle up to 16 cards at x8 speeds and a mini PCIe slot. I / O options include seven USB and six RS-232 to connect all kinds of control options. There is also 5.1 channel audio output, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two SATA pins, and eight GPIOs. Additionally, there is an optional 9-bit serial port that supports the SAS 6.02 protocol.

The GMB140 with Ryzen V1807 also seems to be used in the dBOX310-140, a complete system. The first deliveries are scheduled for January 2022, the board is most likely not available to consumers.

Electronics Laboratory


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