Axie Infinity reaches total trading volume of over $4 billion

Axie Infinity, the second largest NFT platform, has now generated over $4 billion in total trading volume. Currently, only the OpenSea and LooksRare platforms are larger than Axie Infinity’s.

Popular Play-to-Earn Video Game

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Play-to-Earn blockchain game and was launched in 2018. However, blockchain games were much smaller in scale and less popular back then than they are today, so it took a while for the game to gain widespread adoption.

The NFT space has made huge strides in several areas in the past year, which has also led to blockchain games like Axie Infinity soaring in popularity. Various projects have therefore broken various sales records over the past year.

The total value of NFTs sold on Axie Infinity is now worth $4.14 billion. The number of traders who made this happen is almost 2 million. Among other things, this has resulted in the average price of digital collectibles sold being $198. With this, the Axie Infinity platform has made significant strides.

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Big purchase on Axie Infinity

Last year, in November 2021, an anonymous buyer purchased a digital tract of land on Axie Infinity for 550 Ethereum (ETH), or approximately $2.03 million. However, this piece of digital land is one of the Genesis plots on Axie Infinity. These piece of lands are considered extremely rare, as only 220 exist.

The NFT marketplace also offers other in-game assets and lots that can in turn be sold as non-replaceable tokens. It is not yet known what the next step of Axie Infinity will be.

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