Avoid soft drinks: 7 recipes for flavored water

If you’re trying to avoid soda, these flavored water recipes are a great alternative. Water not only quenches thirst better than soft drinks, but also has more health benefits.

However, some people find tap water unappealing because it lacks taste.

The infusion is the perfect antidote because it contains fresh fruit, delicious and full of flavor.

You can use any combination of fresh fruit and herbs you like, but let’s start with some ideas.

You can make a whole jar or put the ingredients in a small cup. Alternatively, you can pour it into a jar and store it for later use. Without further ado, let’s get to the recipe!

How to Make Flavored Water at Home to Avoid Soft Drinks

Try these delicious preparations. You won’t even be short of non-alcoholic drinks!

1 – Thyme, grapefruit, lime water

Take out a pitcher or glass and fill it halfway with ice.
Place a few grapefruit slices, four lemon slices and a handful of fresh thyme.
Press the thyme with a spoon until it sits well, then pour in the filtered water.
Stir with a straw or long spoon and enjoy!

Benefits: Thyme has been used in holistic medicine for thousands of years.
It is rich in vitamin C, potassium and manganese, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds.
Grapefruit is rich in vitamins C and A and contains large amounts of antioxidants.
Finally, lemons are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help boost immunity.


To prepare this water infusion, fill the glass halfway with ice.
Add four or five green apple slices and cut them lengthwise into thin circles.
Then add a handful of fresh ginger and 7-8 basil leaves.
Fill the glass with water and stir with a straw.
This water infusion gives you strength and strengthens your immunity!

Benefits: Basil is rich in vitamin K, which helps strengthen bones and heal wounds faster.
Apples are rich in fiber, vitamin C and polyphenols, powerful antioxidants. Research shows that ginger may be one of the most powerful roots in the world, helping to reduce inflammation and prevent disease.


To do this, repeat the previous steps with the ice cream and the jug.
Add some strawberry slices and some blueberries.
Pour in water and decorate with a few mint leaves.
Once you try this drink, you won’t miss it!

Benefits: Strawberries are rich in vitamins C and B9, manganese and potassium.
Blueberries are rich in vitamins C and K as well as manganese.
Both berries are known to improve cognitive performance and increase antioxidant levels.
Finally, peppermint helps relieve indigestion, improves brain function, and protects against colds.

4 – Lavender and lemon water

Pour ice into a pitcher or glass and add 4-5 lemon slices.
Then add a few small handfuls of fresh lavender.
Mix and enjoy!

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Benefits: Lavender is known for its ability to reduce stress and insomnia.
Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and helps improve digestion.


Cut half a cucumber into thin slices and do the same with half a lemon.
Then fill the glass, glass jar or vessel with ice.
Now place the cucumber and lemon slices on top along with a small handful of mint leaves.
Fill the glass with water and let your taste buds dance!

Benefits: Half a cucumber contains about 30% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin K and also improves digestion and hydration.
Learn more about the benefits of mint and lemon above.


It’s basically a cup of green tea, but cold and with added mint.
It still has the same benefits as a hot cup of tea, but provides a cooling sensation on a hot day.
Do the same with the ice cream and then add the ingredients.
Add 5-6 lemon slices, a handful of mint and a few pinches of green tea leaves.
Pour water into a glass and then add honey.
Mix well to blend the honey.
Benefits: Green tea is perhaps one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It contains many bioactive compounds that prevent cell damage and reduce inflammation.
In addition, it improves metabolism and brain function and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer. Honey is a food with powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
It is used as medicine in many cultures.

7 – ORANGE WATER Grapefruit-Lemon-Rosemary

This drink will make your mouth wrinkle because of the acidity, but it’s packed with nutrients! To prepare, cut oranges, pink grapefruits and lemons into thin slices.
Fill the glass halfway with ice.
Place about three lemon slices, two oranges and three large grapefruit slices in a container or glass.
Then add a few sprigs of rosemary.
Fill it with water and let your body absorb the healing properties of this infusion.

Benefits: Oranges are best known for their high vitamin C content. They also contain a lot of calcium and help the body produce collagen, which softens the skin. Rosemary is rich in manganese, which helps the body heal wounds faster and improve metabolism.



Let’s face it: Water can taste pretty boring if you drink it every day.
That’s why soft drinks are so attractive to us, even though they are very harmful to our health.
But since we need to drink water to survive, why don’t we make the game a little more interesting? Adding fresh fruits, roots, and herbs to water can give your life a small but significant boost.
And the best part is that there are virtually unlimited combinations, so you’ll never get bored!

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