Given the information that fuel for private planes, flight schools and aircraft used for fumigation is running out in the country, an aviation professional calls on his colleagues to calm down.

This is Oriel Castro, aviator pilot and director of the EnAlas aviation school, who also invited those who are dedicated to that profession to concentrate on other tasks in the event of such a shortage.

“As an aviation school we should not be alarmed by the news of fuel shortage for general aviation, since it could be a shipping delay”, said Castro, who considers more worrying the high number of flight hours that airlines are requesting from new pilots for their hiring.

The aviator pilot and flight instructor urged that, if there is a decrease in private flights and flight instructions, devote time to the theoretical study of the area, “to maintain the aircraft or take care of any pending bureaucratic procedure.”

Through a press release, Castro explained that if the 100LL fuel runs out completely, are you sure the government would attend with the good international relations it has.

He justifies his assessment that geographically the country is very favored in the aeronautical field, for which he points out that any inconvenience generated by the lack of fuel, will be resolved shortly. Likewise, he explained that it must be taken into account that this type of combustion is supplied to the country by the companies Chevron, Esso, among others.

Due to the decrease in this fuel, its use in the country’s airports has been rationalized. In addition to the Higüero; also occurs at the International Airport of the Americas Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez; the María Montez International Airport, in Barahona; Barrel Creek; President Juan Bosch, in Samaná; Gregorio Luperón in Puerto Plata and the Cibao International Airport in Santiago.

major concern

On the high number of flight hours that airlines are requiring to hire aviators, Oriel Castro calls on the authorities of the Dominican Aviation Institute Civil (IDAC) to review this problem that afflicts them.


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