151 farms are affected by avian flu in France, including 21 new ones in the last 24 hours alone. Two-thirds of contaminations with avian influenza, seriously pathogenic, take place in the Landes department, in the south-west, according to the government. “The virus is active and circulating. The Landes are particularly affected due to the concentration of farms in this department”, we explained to the Ministry of Agriculture.

In addition to contamination of farms, 21 cases were detected in wildlife and five backyards were affected. France has around 20,000 poultry farms raised for meat, eggs or foie gras. The virus had been identified for the first time in breeding on November 26 in Warhem (North) in a farm where 160,000 laying hens were raised all year round in buildings.

At the end of December, bird flu had already resulted in the culling of around 650,000 poultry in one month. The results as of January 13 for the slaughter of ducks, geese and other poultry were not yet known. Like last year, the Southwest concentrates most of the cases. In 2021, the crisis – the third since 2015 – had ended up being stemmed at the cost of the slaughter, often preventive, of more than 3.5 million poultry, mainly waterfowl.


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