Average spending in Spain during Black Friday has not fallen

Average spending in Spain during Black Friday has not fallen

As the results of the study that launched Shopify weeks ago before the days of Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM), this year a different tone was anticipated due to the particular context in which international trade is experiencing. Despite the caution of consumers around the world when it comes to spending on Black Friday due to the crisis, there have been $7.5 billion in sales during these dates globally (sales of the Black Friday were 3.360 million dollars). In the specific case of Spain, the number of consumers who have purchased in Shopify stores during this year’s edition of Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday has grown by 41.7% compared to 2021, which shows that Spanish consumers have voted with their wallets for independent brands.

Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday is one of the busiest times of the year, and Shopify merchants have far exceeded it. The data collected between the beginning of Friday, November 25, and until the end of Monday, November 28, the beginning of Black Friday and the end of Cyber ​​Monday respectively, reflect record numbers, with a average of $102.10 in the median shopping cart price ($104.80 at constant exchange rates).

“Consumers are supporting independent brands, shopping on multiple surfaces with an increase in commerce through mobile and social networks, but also physical outlets are back. The options multiply and that forces us to put authenticity, loyalty and trust at the center of each interaction between merchants and consumers. Brands today have the need to form a loyal customer base and connect with them directly, forming a community” express Gonzalo Torres, country manager of Shopify Spain.

Spain | Highlights of Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday 2022

  • 11:00 p.m. Black Friday: rush hour for sales in Spain
  • Cities with more sales: Madrid Barcelona Y Seville
  • €77.37 average cart price compared to €71.64 last year
  • Clothes and accessories: main product category demanded
  • 30% percentage of cross-border orders, higher than the global average of 15%
  • 83% increase in point-of-sale sales made by Shopify merchants since last year

Globally | Highlights of Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday 2022

  • $7.5 billion: total worldwide sales made by Shopify merchants, up 19% (21% at constant exchange rates) over last year
  • 52 million: the number of consumers who made a purchase at Shopify merchants
  • 12 p.m. EST Black Friday: Peak Sales Hour
  • Countries with the most sales: USA, United Kingdom, Canada
  • Cities with more sales: London, New York Y The Angels
  • $102.10 ($104.80 at constant exchange rates) average cart price, higher than 100.70 2021 dollars
  • Clothes and accessories: continues to be the most demanded product category.
  • fifteen% percentage of cross-border orders
  • Top trending products according to Shopify’s Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday Buying Index:

In times of innovation and accelerated changes, the relationship between brands and consumers increasingly requires direct contact, through any of the possible channels. The Connect to Consumer (C2C) model powered by Shopify offers a variety of ways to reach consumers. In this dynamic, brands today have the possibility of managing commerce both through the traditional physical store and its digital version, social media channels and the web3 as a path to the future. The options multiply and that forces us to put authenticity, loyalty and trust at the center of each interaction between merchants and consumers.

“We have made a great effort to keep our prices the same despite the current scenario and also thinking about continuing to bet on sustainability” comment Fatima Lerdo de Tejada, Head of Growth at Scalpers. “All our teams work to implement and integrate sustainability in the different areas of the company. From a collection of products of sustainable origin made with recycled materials, 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, efficient parcel delivery methods and a paperless philosophy through initiatives such as the ‘ECO ticket’, which digitizes the purchase receipt avoiding consumption unnecessary raw materials” adds.

The BFCM 2022 conferences show a scenario of some optimism for Spanish brands, despite the general caution that is observed due to the energy crisis that the world is facing. This period has also helped businesses anticipate holiday season sales before the reality of 2023 sets in, according to a recent Shopify survey. In fact, Spanish consumers have reserved more money for this season than they have for the rest of the year.

Anticipation, conscious consumption and multiplicity of connections These are concepts that have marked this Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday campaign, which leaves new learning for Spanish businesses and keeps the bar high in terms of new consumer demands.


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