Home Sports Avenida reaches its 17th Women’s League final

Avenida reaches its 17th Women’s League final

Avenida reaches its 17th Women's League final

Perfumerías Avenida beat Barça this Saturday in Salamanca (72-57) and became the first finalist in the women’s Endesa League.

A great Perfumerías against a Barça that stood up to him, who knew how to play, although he had the difficult mission of overcoming the seven points from the first game and he could not do it because the locals offered their best face, with important percentages from outside shooting.

The start of the game was gray, with the two teams blunt in attack, and it took Perfumerías Avenida four minutes to get their first two points thanks to a basket by Resinerova.

From that moment on, Avenida established themselves on the field with a Vilaró who had a fine wrist and managed three almost consecutive three-pointers and a Barça that, despite the defensive changes it made, neither managed fluid attacks nor closed the net. defending.

In the second quarter, the Catalan team came out more connected and managed to reduce the differences to two points in the first two minutes, thanks to the outside success and the play of Canella.

With a single point scored by Avenida in the first three minutes, the Catalan team took the lead on the scoreboard, although on the next play Andrea Vilaró scored an important three-pointer that broke the defense in Barça’s zone and placed, once again, your team ahead.

Avenida put on their work clothes and pressed on the offensive rebound, which hurt the Catalan team, and all the success they had at the beginning of the second quarter was broken, although the score did not open in favor of Salamanca.

After returning from the locker room, the team coached by Pepe Vázquez was more successful in the outside shot, although in the middle of the third quarter Barça outrebounded the locals, but they weren’t too successful against the opposite basket.

But little by little, and after being 10 points ahead of the locals, Barça closed the gap, getting within one point after a great basket by Anderson, who had not appeared in the game until then, although Avenida showed a great image and returned the ball. score at seven rental points.

In the last quarter, Avenida continued to do their thing, with outside success, and with a Barça that seemed to lose strength. In the end, Barça couldn’t. It offered a good image, but opposite was a Perfumerías Avenida that showed its credentials to win the League.

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