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Avengers: The Kang Dynasty: We summarize all the rumors for you (and heavy seems planned)

THE mcu seems to be in bad shape since the repeated failures of these stages 4 and 5 who will have marked the mcu post-Endgame. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniathe film of the fifth phase responsible for putting on track the very villainous kang, the conqueror, was a critical and financial failure. But Marvel does not intend to stop in such a good way and is already preparing the rest of its universe. At the moment is taking place Secret Invasion and the movie The Marvels will arrive next November. In the meantime, we will attend season 2 of the series Loki Or kang should hold a prominent place – despite accusations of domestic violence including Jonathan Majors is about.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is scheduled for May 1, 2026 – a distant postponement impacted by the strike of the scriptwriters of the WGA which impacts all cinema releases in the pre-production phase. In the meantime, some Insiders and sources connected to the mcu declare to know some specific elements of the feature film and we summarize them for you. Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for upcoming releases. avengers even if all the advanced information is to be taken with a grain of salt.

A multiversal guerrilla warfare against Kang and his variants
Ant-Man – Quantumania – Marvel Studios

There is almost no doubt that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will be the scene of a real multiversal war against the variants of kang. Also, according to some Insiders, several teams could be put together to face the character in different realities – info Reddit. Mytimetoshinehello and magazines like fredzone.org talk about a team of new avengers Directed by Sam Wilson (The Falcon)one around Doctor Strange (Composed among others of Wanda, Moon Knight, America Chavez, Wong or Shang-Chi) and the Thunderbolts, themselves also sent to the fight. Each would have one of the variants of kangglimpsed in the council of Quantumaniato face.

A very large part of the heroes Marvel would be back, but certain characters seem left out and privileged for a resounding comeback in Avengers: Secret Warswhich promises – according to rumors – an even more massive superhero reunion scene than Endgame. The Kang Dynasty should not incorporate alternate versions of superheroes, nor the Fantastic 4, X-Men or the Eternals.

Quantumania’s Kang will be the big winner in Avengers 5
Ant-Man: Quantumania © Disney

Apparently defeated by Scott and his family in Quantumania, kang may have only been isolated temporarily. The various rumors point to a resounding return during The Kang Dynasty, where the latter would bring the other variants to their knees. The character could take the lead of his army and knock out the avengersreformed in a great final battle – or simply too scattered to be considered real opponents.

THE Quantumania’s Nathaniel Richards could be the real villain of the next two avengers. Sources of Startefacts.com talk about another variant of the character, kinder, who would help avengers to travel the multiverse to recruit a large army.

A big defeat and a few deaths along the way
© Marvel Studios

If one thing is – nearly – certain, kang should win the battle The Kang Dynasty, forcing survivors to seek allies across the multiverse. If most of the dead seem to be kept for Avengers: Secret Wars, The Kang Dynasty should be the scene of very impactful deaths for fans. At the latest news, and given the statements of the actor, it would be Chris Hemsworth (Thor) who would pass the weapon to the left. The actor seems determined to move on and Marvel could kill him in a ruthless way to establish the supremacy of kangmuch the same way it was done for Loki and Hemidall in Infinity War.

So here are the rumors – condensed. Most go off on secondary ramblings, but most agree on a few main principles: The division of avengers in several teams followed by their defeat and the XXL importance of the kang of Quantumaniaback to kick the ass of the avengers. Answer in a few years.

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