Avengers 6 could be a salutary last run for Fox-Verse characters

THE mcu is now a little moribund, even downright ill since the disaster represented by Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (474 million dollars in worldwide revenue for a budget flirting with 200 million excluding marketing costs). The critics were, moreover, murderers with the feature film by Peyton Reed. Many have found that the third adventure of the ant-man was the symptom of a universe that no longer manages to unite the spectators as much as the saga of the Infinity Stones. The saga Multiverse will develop through two giga-crossovers: Avengers: The Kang Dynasty And Avengers: Secret Wars. Since this announcement, the wildest theories have been raining around Blockbusters. Those most highlighted remain the returns “ scheduled or not » of the former superheroes of the fox-verse.

Deadpool 3 should be a first start of this return since Ian McKellen (Magneto in the first X-Men trilogy) And Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier) are expected to return to their characters. Secret Wars also galvanizes all expectations: The Elders Fantastic Four could come to make their comeback just like their counterparts from 2015. We are therefore talking about two versions of Mr Fantastic (Ioan Gruffud and Miles Teller), Johnny Storm (Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan), Susan Storm (Jessica Alba, Kate Mara) as well as Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis and Jamie Bell).

Moreover, the old X-Menof Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Tornado (Halle Berry, Alexandra Schipp) or Wolverine can just as easily return to the franchise. This choice, if it happens in Secret Warscould be beneficial to draw a line under this battery of characters from the ex-universe FOX.

X-Men - Fox
X-Men – Fox

If the Insiders agree that Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart will return to their respective roles of X-Menit is radio silence for Michael Fassbender And James McAvoytheir younger counterparts. James McAvoy has also often kicked in touch concerning his return, giving free rein to the ambient pessimism. He had also regretted not having been able to achieve certain things in the role. Here is what he said in November 2022 near QG :

“My biggest criticism of what we did throughout the four films was that after the first film, we didn’t take advantage of the relationship between Xavier’s Magneto and Michael Fassbender, which really formed the backbone of the first movie,” he explained. “So we wondered, why did we just eject this massive weapon? »

Bring the two protagonists back into Secret Wars would allow them to be given a final salutary turn in order to fully deal with their synergy, their complicity as characters and perhaps offer them a beautiful death on screen. An end that is longed to disney from fans of mcu. Whether Avengers: Infinity War had sacrificed a good number of characters (Vision, Gamora, Heimdall, Loki…), Secret Wars could be a real mortuary festival where the heroes of Fox and the multiverse could serve as suitable sacrifices in the fight against kang.

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Fantastic Four (Copyright) Fox, Marvel Studios
Fantastic Four (Copyright) Fox, Marvel Studios

Same thing for the Fantastic Four. By switching cast between 2005 And 2015there fox never managed to give substance to its quartet of characters. Bringing them back after a long duration could create a real sense of attachment to the characters for the viewers and make the potential deaths even stronger. Plans to conclude the trilogy are ultimately canceled by the studio, despite the director’s wish Tim Story to then introduce the character of Black Pantherinterpreted byDjimon Hounsou. On the other hand, Marvel could choose to favor the return of F4ntastics of Josh Trank And Tim Story In Deadpool 3 since the Fantastic New will already be arriving in 2025 (Adam Driver is tracked in the title role of Reed Richards).

There is a risk of duplication, but avengers 6 must draw a line under these characters whose narrative trajectories have been substantially stopped dead without having any real conclusions. Secret Wars could also allow to close the page of the saga Multiverse and the legacy left by that of infinity stones to turn to something else. And why not less quantitative and more qualitative things?

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