Avatar 3: Another franchise antagonist will return

Avatar: The Waterway was last winter’s biggest hit at the box office. For the moment, the feature film of james cameron continues its overwhelming march forward with 2.305 billion dollars in worldwide receiptsand is thus positioned number three in the world box office ranking, behind Avengers: Endgame and the first movie Avatar. The way of the water was shot and produced almost simultaneously with the future third opus which will arrive on our screens in December 2024. We know some elements of the synopsis of the rest of the saga: Miles Quaritch should retain its status as the central enemy within the existing universe and james cameron will introduce a new people of Na’vis (people of ashes), this time seen as villains. Moreover, Jake Sully will no longer be the narrator of the feature film, a role that will go to his son Lo’ak.

It will be interesting to see the trajectory that other characters like that of spider (Jack Champion), torn between his family Na’vi and the new attachment linked to his father. But Jon Landauproducer of the saga gave new information to the magazine The Wrap. In effect, Parker Selfridge (played by Giovanni Rebisi) will be back for longer in Avatar 3.

Avatar © Fox

“As we move forward, I think it is certain that we will see more of the GDR. We know Giovanni is coming back to play Selfridge. We hinted at him briefly in this movie, but he’ll be back in full force for the sequel. »

As a reminder, the character seemed to direct in the first opus the operations on pandora, determined to exploit the various resources that the planet offered. Contrary to Quartitchhe has repeatedly shown himself reluctant to use violence to subjugate the Navis. He returned to Earth at the end of the first film. His return could bring back a more dimension “ geopolitics to the conflict between the inhabitants of pandora to humans. Appointment on December 18, 2024 to know more.

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