Authic: the first NFT platform where you can pay with iDEAL

The world of non-fungible tokens NFTs) is running at full capacity today. The popularity of NFTs continues to grow and many people are even coming into contact with the crypto industry for the first time through NFTs these days. At the end of May a new NFT platform will be launched from Dutch soil: Authic. Similar to the wildly popular OpenSea, Authic will make buying and selling NFTs a lot easier for NFT users in the Benelux.

Authic NFT Marketplace

Wouter Kloosterman, Lemar Bachtiar and Tat Luat Nguyen founded not long ago authentic on. Their conviction was that an artist lives for his or her art, but of course earning a little pocket money is not entirely unimportant. The Authic platform eventually flowed from this idea; a platform exclusively for the sale of NFTs by verified artists and performers from the Benelux.

Figure 1: Authic launches a new creative economy with the NFT platform

Authic distinguishes itself from an OpenSea by offering only high-quality art. Artists can register via the website and the curators will then assess whether an artist will be admitted to the platform. For example, the track record, cultural relevance and quality of the art are examined. The world of NFTs is still in its infancy, so it’s not unlikely that other use caseswhich currently do not or hardly exist, will sooner or later also be available on Authic.

Because the NFT sector is still so new, there is still a certain ‘Wild West character’ in many places today. Scams are common and NFT users should always be wary. Safety is a top priority at Authic. Users do not have to be afraid of being scammed on Authic. All artists and performers are in fact scrutinized by the Authic team before NFTs appear on the platform.

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Image 2: A selection of popular artworks on Authic

Pay with iDEAL

Interest in NFTs is very high at the moment, but for many interested parties it is quite a job to really enter the NFT sector. Buying NFTs requires many steps and for many people just paying with bitcoin is a significant task. Authic promises to simplify this process.

Authic will, through a collaboration with BTCdirect to offer users the possibility to pay easily with iDEAL. Virtually every Dutch person who occasionally visits the internet has at one time or another made a payment with iDEAL. Making online payments through this service is actually a piece of cake. Buying an NFT on Authic is therefore accessible to everyone.

BTCDirect facilitates various payment systems on our platform so that people can immediately convert Euros into ETH which then immediately ends up in their Metamask wallet. People can pay with: iDeal, Sepa, VISA, Mastercard, Bancontact, Giropay, Sofort and EPS. This makes the NFT market much more accessible to consumers.

It won’t be long before everyone can use the new Authic platform. The launch will take place sometime at the end of May. From that moment on, NFT traders, investors and artists can turn to a safe, reliable and accessible platform from Dutch soil.

For my information you can look at the company page of Authic or the website of authentic

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