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Austria recruits Nora Leitner to have 12 players

Austria had hopes of recovering one of the four players isolated by Covid positive but asymptomatic, It was even said that on Friday they passed private controls and that they were going to allow thirteen or fourteen players against Argentina. Big mistake. Not only did the asymptomatic women continue to test positive, but the cases on their campus increased, and Josephine Huber was put on the inmate list.

The good news is that Katarina Pandza’s postive is discarded, the top scorer against China, which had a suspicious result. Nor has the coach Herbert Muller yet overcome the Covid, and his post is now held by his brother Helfried.

To be at least a dozen, Austria used yesterday a player included in the list of 38, a promise of Hypo (eliminated Guardés this year), only 19 years old who was on vacation in Spain with the intention of watching the World Cup from the stands: Note Leitner, 1.77 meters. Against Argentina he played his first minutes with his country’s senior team, as a full-back instead of a pivot. Half of the national team plays in the Hypo, but the time they were on the court (less than a minute) was not very focused, logical if it is understood that they made their debut in a team that had not participated in the World Cup for 12 years.

Without Sonja Frei, the Austrian star, the circumstantial selector practically raised a second part without changes: the goalkeeper and six more, with Dedic to play in inferiority. It was noted that the coach’s heramno is not very showered, and with 29-30 he ordered his players to press the attack (the last) of Argentina very late, which ended up winning 29-31.



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