Australian Edwina Tops-Alexander triumphs in Madrid

Australian horsewoman Edwina Tops-Alexander with the horse Fellow Castlefield (13 years), This afternoon he won the Grand Prix of the International Jumping Competition in Madrid, the fourth stage of the year on the Global Tour. She was not in the pool of candidates for victory, but the Australian (49 years old) was the only one of the contestants who finished the circuit without a penalty that weighed her down, neither for times nor for knockdowns.

There were 29 competitors ahead, the 25 best classified for the test, but no one managed to take a tour like her. Only two others, Andreas Schou (second) and Jur Vrieling (third), were close to the Australian: They didn’t commit any takedowns, but they overdid time (one point each). Neither did Germany’s Philipp Schulze Topphoff and Turkey’s Omer Karaevli commit takedowns, and both had 3 point time penalties. That is to say, of the 40 combinations only five did not knock down any of the fences of the circuit, complicated, especially in the new number obstacle, designed at the exit of the pond.

Eduardo Alvarez Aznar with Sury’s Bentley and Mariano Martinez Bastida with Belano vd Wijnhoeve Z They only added one knockdown in their respective rounds, Eduardo finishing with four points in eighth position, and Mariano in 18th place with six points, two of them for time.

Edwiba Tops-Alexander at the Country Club.
Edwiba Tops-Alexander at the Country Club.

Edwina Tops-Alexander did not have to go to the tiebreaker that the Madrid public likes so much. Although she was not among her favorites, she is a recognized horsewoman, a star in her country, with four appearances in the Olympic Games (Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo), which in 2017, and due to maternity, only withdrew five months from the competition. This triumph (165,000 euros in prize) marks his ninth victory in a qualifying Grand Prix on the circuit. It had been 5 years since Edwina Tops-Alexander had won a Global Grand Prix, in Miami (2018). “I didn’t expect it but Fellow Castlefield He is in a magnificent moment of form, he had not felt like this for a long time and today he has shown it on this difficult tourEdwina commented after her triumph.

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