Australia: Rare fish spotted for first time in 22 years

File photo of a fish found in Australia

A rare ‘walking’ handfish found in Australia has been spotted off the coast of Tasmania for the first time in 22 years.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the pink fish was last seen by a Tasmanian diver in 1999 and has been seen only four times so far.

Authorities recently declared the fish endangered for fear of its survival.

Australian researchers say they have recovered the fish earlier this year with the help of camera recordings in the deep sea of ​​Marine Park.

The camera’s new vision saw fish in deeper waters.

Scientists thought the handfish lived in a shallow water shelter, but recently the fish was spotted at a depth of 150 meters (390 feet) off the southern coast of Tasmania.

“This is an exciting discovery and offers hope for the continued survival of the pink handfish,” said Newell Barrett, a professor, researcher and marine biologist at the University of Tasmania.

The pink fish is called a handfish because it can swim on the ocean floor as well as swim.

A camera was dropped in the deep sea of ​​Tasmania’s Marine Park in February, after which in October a strange creature was spotted among a crowd of animals, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a handfish.

Camera vision shows the 15-centimeter fish perched on a rock that gets distracted by lobsters.

The pink handfish is one of 14 types of handfish found around the island of Tasmania, in the southern part of the Australian mainland.


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