For many years, Australia has been a popular country for students and travelers who have come to change their routine. But for the past two years, the global pandemic has complicated this constant cross-cultural exchange. With its borders closed, the land of kangaroos has been unable to accommodate new backpackers. So to make up for lost time, Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered a particularly attractive offer this Wednesday, January 19, according to the Brisbane Times : Reimburse visa fees.

To realize one’s dreams and desires elsewhere, it is imperative to save money. In order to encourage new international travelers to come to Australia, the federal government plans to reimburse no less than 56,000 students and 24,000 backpackers according to the Australian media. Amounts established respectively at 630 and 495 Australian dollars. Thanks to this death, the Prime Minister wishes above all to thank the many foreigners for “choosing Australia” as a place of learning, sharing and discovery.

Bring in a new workforce

Of course, this tempting refund has another purpose. Usually, foreigners take advantage of their stay in Australia to do odd jobs. “We want them to come here and be able to fill some of these critical labor shortages, especially those who work and are trained in health care, elderly care, those types of sectors “, explained Scott Morrison. A statement very different from the version given by the Prime Minister when the borders closed on March 20, 2020. The latter then invited all visa holders to return home.

Despite the generosity of this offer, foreign students have questions. “They question whether this change in policy is simply driven by the need to fill the Australian workforce rather than genuine support for student welfare,” said Phil Honeywood, the International’s chief executive. Educational Association. Reimbursement of visa fees is not enough to calm young foreigners’ concern over the surge in Covid-19 cases, according to the Brisbane Times. Some still plan to cancel their trip and follow their studies online.


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