Australia installs more Bitcoin ATMs than all of Asia

With the third largest network of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, Australia currently has more crypto ATMs installed than the entire Asian continent.

Consistently added new ATMs

Australia has been hard at work installing crypto ATMs since the start of 2023, moving up to third place in January as a result, according to facts sourced from Coin ATM Radar. The country has consistently added Bitcoin ATMs over the past eight months, while leading European countries and the United States have reported a decline in ATM installations over the same period.

Compared to Asia, which includes major economies such as China, Japan, Singapore, and India, Australia currently has more crypto ATMs installed. Asia has 355 crypto ATMs, which represents only 1% of the total number of crypto ATMs worldwide, while Australia has registered 364 crypto ATMs after months of additions. This shows that Australia remains determined to install avenues for fiat-to-crypto conversions.

Nevertheless, the number of crypto ATMs worldwide is decreasing

While Australia is showing a huge increase in crypto ATMs, the total number of crypto ATMs installed worldwide is dropping fairly consistently. Reduced 412 net cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide in the first two months of 2023.

Leaked internal documents from the Australian Treasury revealed that crypto legislation is on its way. The Australian government will release consultation papers in the second quarter of 2023, which appears to be based on the token mapping consultation document that forms the basis of the upcoming crypto regulation.

Although the final submissions to the cabinet are expected later in the year, this means that all decisions on crypto legislation will be postponed to 2024.

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