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Australia: he was selling drugs from his retirement home

Residents at the Dural Retirement Residence near Sydney, Australia, found the neighbor’s behavior rather suspicious. So much so that in June, they decided to report it to the police. The investigation revealed that the 62-year-old man was engaged in drug trafficking, organized from his retirement home.

This Monday, August 30, local media reported that the suspect was indicted for the drug trade, shortly after being arrested last Thursday. The police notably discovered cannabis and methamphetamine in his vehicle, before raiding his home, within Dural’s residence, where LSD, more cannabis and a baton were hidden.

The comings and goings of visitors deemed suspicious had attracted the attention of other residents of the retirement home. Nearby Daily Telegraph, some evoke in particular meetings in the middle of the night and note, pandemic obliges, that the guests of the suspect often presented themselves without mask.

Perceived up to date, the retired trafficker must now appear in court on September 8. He will have to answer for several charges, including possession and supply of illicit drugs, possession of a weapon without a license and violation of health measures to fight against Covid-19.

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