Australia: Flag bearers attack Sikhs during Khalistan referendum, 2 arrested

During the Khalistan referendum in Australia, Sikh and Indian communities clashed, 2 people were arrested.

During the polling in Melbourne, more than 60,000 Sikhs voted in favor of an independent country. Outside the polling stations, thousands of people held flags and banners in their hands and shouted slogans in favor of independence.

During this time, there were also clashes between the Indian community and the Sikhs. To stop the people demonstrating for the freedom of Khalistan, the flag-bearers brigade started rioting and tore down the banners and posters put up in favor of freedom, but the youths of the Sikh community forced the flag-bearers to run away.

Victoria Police used pepper spray to quell the protests and arrested two men, aged 34 and 39.

In several videos posted on Twitter, Indians can be seen attacking Khalistan supporters in broad daylight with sticks.

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