Australia beats India for the second time in just 84 days, fans’ hearts are broken into pieces!

Team India suffered a defeat in the final against Australia for the second time in 84 days. Australia won the 2024 U19 World Cup title. In the final match, it defeated Team India by 79 runs. Previously, India had also suffered a defeat in the final of the 2023 World Cup. The batting of the Indian team under captain Uday Saharan was a flop in the final. Except Adarsh ​​​​Singh and Murugan Abhishek, no one could do anything special.

The batting performance of the Indian team in the final was very disappointing. Team India was finished after scoring 174 runs in 43.5 overs. Opener Adarsh ​​​​Singh scored 47 runs in 77 balls. He hit four fours and one six. Musheer Khan was eliminated after scoring 22 runs in 33 balls. Abhishek contributed 42 runs. Apart from that, no other batsman could do anything special. Arshin Kulkarni was out after scoring three runs. Captain Uday Saharan was eliminated after scoring 8 runs. Sachin and Priyanshu were eliminated after scoring 9-9 runs.

Australia got off to a bad start. His first wicket came in the form of opener Sam. He was heading to zero. But after that there was a good partnership between Captain Hugh and Harry Dixon. Dixon scored 42 runs with the help of three fours and a six. Hugh played an innings of 48 runs. Harjas Singh scored a half-century. He scored 55 runs in 64 balls. Oliver contributed 46 runs.

This is Team India’s second final defeat against Australia in 84 days. It previously suffered defeat at the 2023 World Cup. India’s senior team, batting first, scored 240 runs in the final in Ahmedabad. In response, Australia achieved the target by losing four wickets in 43 overs.

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