Aurora storm: 3 departments placed in orange vigilance “violent winds”

After a few days of sunshine over most of France, the weather deteriorated markedly on Wednesday in the northern half of the country with the arrival of storm Aurora. Three departments of the west are placed in orange vigilance “violent winds”.

In addition, there are 63 departments that go into yellow vigilance for bad weather, including a few for thunderstorms, rains and floods, but in the majority of cases for “strong winds” as well. The three departments where the risks are increased and which have consequently been placed on orange vigilance are Manche, Morbihan and Finistère.

“For Finistère and Morbihan we expect maximum gust values ​​between 100 and 110 km / h, locally 120 km / h on the coast and between 90 km / h and 100 km / h, locally 110 km / h in the interior. For the Manche department, the maximum values ​​expected are between 110 and 120 km / h on the coast, very locally 130 km / h and fairly generalized around 100 km / h in the interior ”, specifies Météo France in its bulletin. .

The prefect of Morbihan called on the population to be cautious in a press release, and in particular asked residents to limit their movements, especially not to walk in the forest or on the coast and to be alert in town to possible waterfalls. ‘objects.

Météo France indicates that this orange vigilance will be valid in these three departments from 4 p.m. this Wednesday until around 2 a.m. Thursday, and these data will be updated again during the day.

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These bad weather are linked to the arrival of storm Aurora in France on Wednesday, the first storm of the 2021-2022 season named by Météo France, said the meteorological service this morning, which specified that the winds could be felt until in the Paris Basin this night.

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