Augusto: “The first eight laps have been horrible”

Augusto Fernandez He changed his overalls to go up to the podium, a gold one, and without time to put on his shoes, he went to the press room to attend to the written press present. The new Moto2 champion was radiant with happiness after his second in the Valencia GP and the conquest of the title.

-Congratulations. He has been seen crazy with happiness and delivered to the public in the lap of honor…

-(Smile). Thanks. I tried to jump into the public, but I was very tired and my legs couldn’t give me more. I have tired myself more in the celebration than in the race. I knew that something had been plotted and all my friends from the town (Pina), my brother and my mother were there. I did not expect the rabbits, because I did not want to know anything about the celebration, but I am very happy, for myself and for them, because they were able to participate in this celebration and that it turned out well. We will have to continue with the celebration.

-He has had an unusual path to reach the World Cup. At some point in his career did you doubt that it would be possible to reach the World Cup and achieve this?

-Yes, yes, yes, without a doubt. I have not always been clear. First, I had to fight to get into the World Cup and you never know how it’s going to go. There are always doubts in that sense, but what we have not doubted is our work or my potential with my family. We knew what we could do if given the chance. Everything has been fighting and working, taking advantage of our opportunities, and here we are.

-How did you experience the first part of the race, until Ogura fell?

-It has been very difficult. I’ve been good all weekend, but those eight laps have been horrible. He was a little frustrated, because he knew he had a better rhythm, as seen later with Acosta, and he knew he couldn’t get into all the wars. Alonso and Pedro were hitting each other, with Ogura second, and I wanted to pass them to go after Ogura, but how could I pass those two who were hitting each other and were going to return her to me. A thousand things have gone through my head until Ogura fell. I feel bad for him, for the good season he has had and the good fight we have had. After his fall I have been able to let go and he has given me everything. There I tried to go for the victory until the end and I enjoyed the race. Pedro and I pushed hard and I’m happy to have finished on the podium. I wanted to win, but I didn’t want to finish off the podium. I really enjoyed the fight with Pedro even though he won it.

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-Have you been aware that Ogura has come to be only half a point away from you in the general? The tragedy was chewed…

-Yes, I was aware, when he was second and I fifth, I think, that was the limit I could allow myself. We had between us Pedro and Alonso fighting, and I wondered how I could do to pass those two guys to go for Ogura. I had more speed than them at that moment, but Beaubier also arrived, who was going fast and thought I could hook him to go forward. It’s been horrible, horrible. I didn’t know what to do, whether to press or to hold on and stay there. He was also confident that Pedro would win the race and that would complicate Ogura. I do not know. Many things. He was screwed… (Laughter).

-Who is this title for?

-For all my family, my friends and the people who have always been there.

-And what about the team? It came from two bad years…

-The jump to this team has been what maybe I was missing. They gave me confidence from the beginning, knowing that it was a winning team. Thanks to Aki and everything we have built we are here. Thank you very much.

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