Home Sports Augusto: “Let’s see how we manage the beginning of the race”

Augusto: “Let’s see how we manage the beginning of the race”

Augusto: "Let's see how we manage the beginning of the race"

conveys a certain calm Augusto Fernandez the eve of what may be the best day of his life. Above all, it transmits illusion. His third place in Q2 of the Valencia GP, after Alonso López and Pedro Acosta, would make him champion in tomorrow’s race, even if it was won by Ai Ogura, who will start fifth.

-Third on the grid and Ogura fifth. What would it be like if it were a normal race?

-Normal? That I can fight for victory. A first row, that these ‘qualys’ cost me, a first row… Today’s was very important. If it were a normal race I would have the pace to fight for victory. We have worked very well, which is what I wanted, to work very well in terms of rhythm. Pedro is very strong, also throughout the weekend we have helped each other to raise the level of both of us, and we are both very well prepared. He a little more, I see that he comes out a little easier than me; I arrived, but perhaps more at the end of the race, to see that beginning of the race, if he picks up the fast pace. And, above all, the beginning of the race, that everyone is going to go out to death and see how we manage it.

-But it’s not a normal race, right?

-It is not. (Laughter). Honestly, I don’t know now how I’m going to feel tomorrow and what I’m going to think. The good thing is that I am confident with what I have, that if I think normally I could fight for victory. And, nothing, managing the first laps, I think that’s what I think about the most, what can annoy us the most later. First laps, everyone is going to want to do well, Alonso and Pedro are playing for the rookie, Canet with Arbolino the third… I don’t know, everyone is going to want to do their race. Ogura is right behind and I’m sure he’ll get into me or at some point he’s going to get into me. But nothing, to survive the first laps and I think that when we get the rhythm we are stronger.

-How is the management of what is left for the day and tomorrow before the race?

-It’s new for me… I don’t know how I’m going to get up tomorrow or what I’m going to feel. But I’ll try to do normal. I’m going to change, I’ll come to work with the team to prepare tomorrow’s bike, to make some changes, which I hope won’t be too many, because I feel good. So, nothing, to try to spend a normal afternoon and tomorrow a normal morning.

-With the calculator in mind?

-Of course, yes, yes.

-And Ogura on the blackboard?

-No. If something happens, I think… That will be discussed in the meeting that we have later. I think not, unless it falls or something happens. I see Pedro very strong and I with the same rhythm. Maybe someone will come, like Alonso, but if we do our race I think we can have a good race and in terms of pace we are very good, and we would avoid many problems. But, well, you have to go out well and get the rhythm.

Will it cost you more to fall asleep today?

-I hope not. At the moment I am calm. Yes, it is true that this weekend, honestly, it has cost me a little more, the thing is there, it is around, but I try to be calm. Maybe he sleeps, maybe he doesn’t sleep… I don’t know.

-Would Ogura be more nervous than you?

-The guy seems very calm, I don’t see him getting very nervous.

Do you see the title nearby?

-I see it, I see it, but all the work to do tomorrow is missing, the most important thing.

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