Audi keeps trying

Audi keeps trying

As long as there is a race, there is hope. But now There are only two bullets left for a Loeb that he has done everything in his power to try to make amends for the problems of the first week. The Frenchman also got the victory in the second part of the marathon, to add the sixth of the edition in an ‘Empty Quarter’ that lacked all the excitement that was expected. Thursday could have been different, since if Nasser had had a problemNo one would have been able to help him (the two Overdrive assistance trucks got stuck in the dunes), but you can’t regret something that didn’t happen since the Qatari is knowing how to manage an advantage that will continue to be just as big. if history does not take a radical turn.

A priori it could have been done in two days where the dunes were going to be the protagonists, but in the end it ended up being a monotony in which Loeb continues to reign and Audi continues to try. The brand with the four rings continues in the race with an Ekstrom that once again flirted with victory, although for the moment the pace of the BRX in the dunes seemed impossible for the Swede with the hybrid prototype. The advantage of the French was three minutes in a fast special (they took less than two hours), which demonstrated the lack of major difficulties, in which he dominated from start to finish at each and every checkpoint. The story may be familiar to you, it is quite similar to yesterday’s and even the day before yesterday, when Loeb put on autopilot to add stage victories in a way that even seems natural.

It has never been so easy to see a driver dominate so forcefully when we talk about the Dakar. But the situation favors it. Nasser is in that conservative pilot mode who knows how to have more than enough time in his power to avoid problems. In the 12th special, the Qatari gave up three and a half more minutes, but his time served him to get on a podium than Chicherit, the other contender who usually swaps positions with the Toyota man, lost in the last part of a decaf tour that leaves everything the same. Loeb keeps trying and Al Attiyah doesn’t fail. The days are similar, but this is also the Dakar.


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