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Auchan promises deliveries in 15 minutes thanks to Deliveroo

Your shopping delivered to your home in 10 to 15 minutes. This is what the Auchan and Deliveroo brands promise, according to information on site The Consumer Web, this Wednesday, May 4. After a few weeks of running in (opening April 11 in Paris and April 20 in Lille) and a first test in Bordeaux, the concept will be officially launched in the coming days under the names Auchan Hop and Deliveroo Hop. Orders can be placed both via the Deliveroo platform and via the website

Going against the trend of “dark stores”, notably challenged by the Paris City Hall, the brand is thus unveiling its new brand: Auchan Minute. In addition to their “dark store” activity, these stores can accommodate the public. They serve, in fact, as click and collect points, for those who do not wish to be delivered and allow parcels to be collected via lockers (Mondial Relay network). Auchan would also think about a new “McDo way” service with three on-site order terminals to prepare a shopping basket in two to three minutes.

Free delivery

For order preparation, Auchan Minute relies on the warehouse management system (WMS) developed by Deliveroo, specific to quick commerce. The proposed offer will be in the standards of Q-commerce (fast trade), ie approximately 2,500 codes. Currently, it would rather revolve around 1,700 references. In addition, Auchan imposes a minimum order of only €12 and delivery is free. This will partially compensate for prices a little above the competition: 12% more than the same basket in “standard” delivery ordered on, when the competitors are lined up or almost. The goal of the retail brand is to cover 10 major cities in France by the end of the year.


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