Attention Netflix users: a cheaper plan with ads is confirmed

It has long been rumored that Netflix may offer cheaper subscription plans supported by the presence of ads.

Today comes the official confirmation from the voice of Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of the streaming platform, who reveals some more details about the new modality.

The new ad plan will be a separate offer from existing accounts

Netflix streaming service
It is confirmed that Netflix will have an even cheaper plan that will include advertising spacesCredit@Tumisu/Pixabay

For some time now, Netflix has been struggling with a drop in its subscriber base. Several hypotheses were mentioned for the platform to return to other glorious times in which the streaming service dominated.

The option that obtained the greatest consensus was the formulation of new, cheaper plans with publicity. The idea was gaining strength until today the official confirmation arrived that the well-known streaming service will really follow this path.

On the sidelines of a streaming content festival, Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, confirmed that the platform will offer even cheaper plans that will be based on the existence of advertising spaces.

The same official also said that the new plan will be a separate offering from the plans the company already makes available. In other words, current subscribers who want to keep the service without being interrupted by ads will keep their subscription as agreed.

There is no word on when Netflix will make the new subscription plans available.

Ted Sarandos went further and explained the reasons for this decision. According to the official, the company intends to “capture” users who consider the service too expensive and who do not feel uncomfortable with the presence of advertising space.

However, there is one question that remains to be answered. Even when asked about the matter, Sarandos did not reveal the date when these new cheaper plans with ads will be available to the public. If all the rumors are to be believed, this could still happen during this year 2022.

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Ted Sarandos ended his remarks by sounding optimistic about the company’s future, saying Netflix has “scale, flow and free cash” to continue expanding.

Remember that HBO Max already has cheaper plans with ads and that Disney Plus can also include this option in its range of offers.

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