Attempt to target Taliban leaders fails, NDS personnel arrested

KABUL: Taliban guards stationed in the Afghan capital have arrested an intelligence officer who was disrupting law and order.

Afghan Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen confirmed the arrest of the NDS official, saying he had been caught red-handed.

Sohail Shaheen said the former NDS official was involved in disturbing the peace in Kabul, inciting citizens against the Taliban and trying to bring them to the streets for bloodshed.

A large number of fake identity cards were also recovered from the possession of the former NDS officer who was arrested by the Taliban, which the Taliban seized. The Taliban have also released footage of a former NDS official.

According to a spokesman for the Afghan Taliban The former NDS officer was searching for a target in a vehicle without a number plate, which was stopped by Taliban guards at the checkpoint and then searched, from whose possession the data of other Afghan citizens were recovered.

The spokesman said:These people were planning to attack the Taliban. A photo of the targeted Taliban leader has also been recovered from the accused. Sohail Shaheen clarified that the Taliban We will not allow anyone to destroy the peace of Afghanistan.

It should be noted that a day earlier, three horrific explosions took place at different places around the airport in the Afghan capital Kabul, in which more than 110 civilians, security personnel and American soldiers were killed.

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