Attempt to commit suicide by brutally slaughtering parents and sister

New Delhi: In the Indian state of East Bengal, a brutal son slaughtered his parents and real sister over a domestic dispute.

According to foreign media, this tragic incident of brutality took place in Hooghly district of East Bengal state of India where an illegitimate child killed his own parents who gave birth to him in a minor dispute.

The ruthless youth tried to commit suicide after biting the throats of his parents and sister but he did not succeed and when the police reached the spot, the body of the young parents and sister was found in a critical condition with bile in their blood.

Police have rushed the killer to hospital with serious injuries and are investigating the incident.

Indian police say the victims have been identified as father Asim Ghoshal, mother Sabtri Ghoshal and sister Plabi Chatterjee.

Neighbors of the victims recorded a statement to the police that Sister Plabi Chatterjee’s brother had come to Mecca on the occasion of Phoota festival and at the same time due to a dispute between her in-laws, a quarrel broke out at her parents’ house which ended in a bloody incident.

Neighbors further said that the slain Prem Thash Ghoshal had been suffering from severe financial crisis for the past few days.


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