Attacks on Kashmiri students in India after defeat by Pakistan

After India’s defeat by Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match on Sunday night, attacks on Kashmiri students studying in educational institutions across India started in which several Kashmiri students were injured.

Kashmiri students studying in Indian educational institutions outside Kashmir have been targeted in different cities sometimes for nationalism, sometimes for Kashmir independence and sometimes for cricket matches.

The majority of the population of Indian-administered Kashmir supports the Pakistani team in the match between India and Pakistan.

According to the DW report, the first attack took place at Bhai Gurudas Institute of Engineering and Technology in Sangrur district, according to police in the Indian state of Punjab. The college shared a video of the attack in which Kashmiri students could be seen inside the hostel. A second similar attack took place at the Riyat Bharat University in Kharar, Mohali, where Kashmiri students were also targeted.

Former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has expressed regret over the incident and appealed to the state authorities to help Kashmiri students.

Nasir, a spokesman for the Kashmiri Students’ Association, said the Kashmiri students who were attacked were rescued by locals and other Punjabi students.

According to the spokesperson, students from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana broke into his hostel rooms and beat him up.

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A Sangrur College student also alleged that the guards guarding the hostel allowed students from UP and Bihar to enter their hostel, who attacked them as soon as they entered.

Indian media quoted a senior police officer in the area as saying that whenever Pakistani players were scoring runs during the match, Kashmiri students were raising their voices in support of them while chanting slogans of independence.

According to the police officer, when the match ended, students from UP and Bihar broke into the rooms of Kashmiri students and beat them up. Sikh students reportedly helped Kashmiris during the fighting.


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