Attack on Muslim MP in Kolkata

A Muslim MP was attacked in Kolkata, a man slapped at a protesting workers’ camp. The police arrested the accused.

Indian Secular Front (ISF) MLA Naushad Siddiqui in West Bengal’s capital Kolkata went to meet civil servants on hunger strike for an increase in dearness allowance, where a man came on stage and slapped Naushad Siddiqui after the discussion. gave According to an Indian media report, the person who attacked Naushad Siddiqui was arrested by the Kolkata Police.

The accused went on the stage and asked Naushad Siddiqui what he had done for the minorities. To which the MP replied that he does not do anything in particular for any section, on which the man started shouting while slapping the MLA on the shoulder.

A video of the incident also surfaced in which a man is seen hitting the West Bengal MLA, after which he raises his finger and threatens him.

Police officials say that the person who attacked the MP, a resident of Howrah district, has been taken into custody, and the Kolkata police are interrogating him as to what was the motive behind the attack.

According to the report, Naushad Siddiqui, considered a staunch critic of the Mamata Banerjee government in Bengal, was also arrested during a rally in Kolkata in January.

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